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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thank you gifts

This past weekend we celebrated my birthday by having dinner at one of my favorite Dallas Restaurants --Mariano's Hacienda.  My plan was to make place cards but you know me, I decide to go bigger at the last minute.  So the night before the dinner I went to Michael's and bought gifts for 25 people.  I decided to make tags with their names on them that would be attached to the gift bag and then placed on their plate.  :)  Yeah.  So this is what I did...and all for about $70.

I used the striped tags for the men and the "other" patterned tags for the women.  I used a glazed pen to write names on the tag to give them an embossed look.

I also purchased these felt confetti pieces to decorate the tags.  It's important to use fabric glue when working with felt.  The fibers in the felt can be stubborn with regular adhesive.  I am not a HUGE fan of FabriTac but it does get the job done.  Okay, it's kind of growing on me.

I also purchased shred to go in the cellophane just adds some flair to the gift bag.

These were the gifts...silky eye masks and these very awesome smelling large fizz balls for the women.  Oh, the fizz balls had birds on them of course.  :D  The men got mini bottles of Maker's Mark Whisky.

So here they are all done...

I love the ribbon too...

I'm sure you are wondering what all I got for my birthday so here is a quick list:  Money from my parents, money from my inlaws, money from my hubster and an alien skull for my fish tank, a gift card, CD's, a tote and handmade card from Kaets!  My Tennessee mama sent me a knitted red hat, a candle warmer holder thingie, socks, hmmm - and some other random and cool things.  My friend Jennifer, also in TN is knitting me an entire blanket in my favorite color - purple...she said she'll send it to me as soon as she is done.  Lots of love from that state.  :D  Saul and Tracye gave me a photography magazine AND a remote for my new Nikon D90.  Great, more things to learn to how to use.  LOL.  Cathy gave me a pallet of Two Faced Eye Shadow.  I love Two Faced!  Nicole, Bryn and Brad gave me a gift card to Ulta (ahhhhhhh!).  Melly Bean gave me a gorgeous picture frame, it is what I call printed altered art...I'll have to post a picture soon.  Marion bought me a memory card for my Nikon - thanks, Mar-bear!  And Susan baked me a cake and made me an exploding box of friendship, a canvas, and she also gave me a necklace holder with birds on it.  :D  I think that's about it.  ::thinks really hard::  No, that was it.  LOL.

I stayed home today from work.  The roads were pretty horrid.  I did make the mistake of getting out today - aye - yeah, not very smart.  But at least I snapped a couple of puffy bird pics.  :)

This is my favorite:

Anywho - better get ready for work tomorrow.  Whatever that means.  :D

Peace, love, and birds!

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