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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Make-Up Tutorial

Several people have asked me to put together make-up tutorials.  I will do this from time to time.  First and foremost, here are diagrams for both the right and left eye.  You can click on all of these images to enlarge them.

Today's tutorial is a basic 2 shade application.  This is perfect for a woman on the go!  We don't always have time to apply four colors.  I know, most women don't wear four colors but I pretty much wear four colors or more.  Crazy, I know.  But that's why people ask me for these tutorials!  So this is the look we are going for:

In this application, one of the shades is eyeliner!  Yes, eyeliner!  I used the following:
  • Urban Decay Original Primer Potion
  • MAC Pigment in Sienna
  • Midnight Cowboy Eyeliner Pencil by Urban Decay
  • Perversion Eyeliner Pencil by Urban Decay
  • Zero Eyeliner Pencil by Urban Decay
  • Benefit BadGirl Lash Mascara
If you do not have all or some of the above, you may substitute the Sienna with a shimmery grey colored shadow, Midnight Cowboy with any sheer coral or champagne eyeliner or even eyeshadow - you do not have to use eyeliner.  If you don't have Perversion or Zero, you can use any black eyeliner.  Both shades are black, however Perversion is a very jetblack shade.  Any mascara of your choice will work.  ;)

You can enlarge this image which will give you the visual gist of what I did or you can read below for a step by step.  This image is of the RIGHT EYE.

  1. Apply Primer to entire eyelid. 
  2. Apply Sienna Pigment with a brush to the Above Crease (E), Outer Crease (D), Inner Lid (C), and Outer Lid (A).
  3. There should be an arch that forms in the center of your eyelid.  This arch encompasses the Middle Lid (B) and the outer areas of the Inner and Outer Lids.  Apply Midnight Cowboy Eyeliner to this area. 
  4. Apply Perversion Eyeliner. --You can stop here and apply the Mascara or you can proceed with the following steps for a more dramatic look.
  5. Apply Zero Eyeliner to the Lower Water Line (G) and to the Outer Lower Lash Line (H).
  6. Apply Midnight Cowboy Eyeliner to the Inner Lower Lash Line (I).
  7. Apply Mascara to upper and lower lashes.

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