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Saturday, September 29, 2012


I'm in New Orleans tonight and although this trip was somewhat of a weather bummer, I still had a really fabulous time and we made the weekend work despite the rain.  Today started really early with a gourmet breakfast at Criollo --then it was off to the middle of the French Quarter for a cemetery tour.  The rain held off but once the tour started --insane cats and dogs massive crazy downpour.  Yes, I had an umbrella but I had to do everything in my power to fight the wind an the rain and protect my camera, speedlight and spare lens.  So basically, I was only able to cover my equipment while the rest of me --well, you guessed it...DRENCHED from head to toe.  :(  I had to quit the tour before ever making it to the cemetery because I couldn't risk getting my gear wet.  So I headed back to the hotel with my heart broken but thankful that my camera was fine. 

After a hot bath I decided to take this photographic journey on a new path --an indoor shoot!  I will go more into that next week because I don't want to spoil the surprise.  But here is "a portion" of one of the photos I snapped today.  I know you're wondering why I'm only showing you a portion of it --well, this particular photo is going to be the October Giveaway at Through These Eyes!  For now, you just get the sneak peek! 

Peace, love, and beignets! 

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