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Saturday, February 2, 2013

More birds!

Are you sick of all of my bird projects yet?  Well, I'm sorry.  But I'm just getting started!  I wanted nothing more than to sleep in today because I have a big day tomorrow (Sunday) and during the week I'm up pretty early.  But of course I was wide awake at 5:30am thinking of all of the projects I wanted to work on today because I declared it Craft Day.  So what did I make?  More bird projects!  In fact, I made two pieces of wall art and one table top piece that sits on a miniature easel.  

Project Number I:  Journey on the Wings of Faith!

 This is a 6"x6" in canvas.  I basically cut 1" squares and then glued them onto the canvas.  I then covered all of the squares with Mod Podge just to give it a good seal and keep the paper from tearing.  While that was drying I drew several ravens and cut them out to use as stencils.  I placed the stencil on the canvas and outlined it with black paint and then filled it with black paint.  I allowed it to dry and then took a wet paper towel and rubbed different parts of the bird to make it semi-transparent.

My last step was adding the words using stamps, paint, and alphabet stencils.  The words "wings of faith" are from the new art journaling set by Maya Road.  Didn't I say you needed that set of stamps?  :)  The heart was made with polymer clay.  This canvas sold the minute I posted it.  

Project Number II:  Hands are for shaking, not tying. 

This is a 6"x6" canvas.  I basically repeated the process with all of these pieces.  I did a lot more stamping on this one.  These words are from the song "Fell on Black Days" by Soundgarden.  This is probably one of my favorite lines ever.  The actual words are "So don't you lock up something that you wanted to see fly.  Hands are sharking, no, not tying."  Isn't that powerful?  Sometimes it's difficult to let someone go.  But if you truly love them, you want to see them soar, you want them to succeed.  And maybe they can't succeed with why hold on?  Why tie their hands?  And why tie your own hands?  

I love this one so much I almost don't want to let it go.  But if it will inspire someone other than myself, then I want to see it fly!  

Project Number III:  Journey on the Wings of Faith! 

Here is another piece with the same message.  However, this is not canvas!  This is actually a 4.5" x 4.5" piece of wood.  This one will be sold with this cute little black easel so that it can be displayed on a table top , window sill, etc.  

This piece is .25" wide.  It's slender and small but still packs a punch of emotion and good feeling.  This project and project no. 2 will be available in my Etsy shop in the coming days.  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed my projects.  I am really enjoying this surge of creativity!  Tomorrow I will get to explore my visual art --I haven't picked up my camera since December so I hope I'm not too rusty.  I will be working on an artistic shoot for Valentine's Day.  More details to come.  Until next time...peace, love, and wishing this day had more hours.  

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