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Monday, July 1, 2013

A self-testament through sunflowers

The DFW area has been buzzing about all of the gorgeous Sunflower fields in Allen, McKinney, and Frisco and who doesn't want to photograph flowers that are larger than the size of their own head???  Unfortunately I started hearing that police were ticketing people for trespassing.  I can certainly see why they would do that --people were actually trampling the stocks and pulling them out of the ground.  What's wrong with people?  These are crops that belong to farmers!  So I decided to avoid the city sunflower craze and headed down 35 South between Waxahachie and Milford, Texas.  I heard their was sunflowers galore "in the country".  

I had a few things working against me:  The Texas heat, I'm talking 104 degrees, folks.  Then there's the fact that I was going alone --into a field of sunflowers.  It can be a little overwhelming for someone who is only 5'3" and all of the stocks are taller than I am.  Oh, and lets not forget the rattlers!  Although I didn't think I'd run into any, I was still very cautious.  Of course I wore a super cute outfit and makeup to match.  I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "dang, I look super cute!!!" and then my next thought was "You're an idiot!!!!!"  So I packed tennis shoes and a pair of jeans...just in case!

50+ miles later I arrive at the State owned rest stop.  I'm surrounded by truck drivers, traveling families and a few strange individuals.  Yanno, what you'd usually see at a rest stop.  I grab my gear and head over to a table to change out the lens on my camera, etc.  I strap on my bag pack and with camera in hand I start walking towards the field that is located directly behind the rest stop.  I thought to myself..."this is a Lifetime Movie Original waiting to happen."

Oh, I left out one very important detail...the sunflowers were all dead.  ::sadness::  At first I was annoyed that I drove so far to a field only to find dead sunflowers.  I was really looking forward to this session seeing as how I have been so consumed with work, my fitness regimen, and editing photos for clients.  I just wanted some ME TIME.  But then I thought "Sonia, this is what you are known for.  This is why people enjoy your work, because you see beauty where most see atrophy."  And boy was I surrounded by atrophy!  Haha.  So I did just that...I found the beauty and I hope you see it too as seen through my eyes.    

Thank you for stopping by!  Peace, love, and sunflowers!

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