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Friday, September 17, 2010

Alligator Tears


Dear Tracey,

You have some catching up to do, sister!  Love you and miss you.

Well, today’s exhibit went well.  It wasn’t groundbreaking – I still have to go back to work on Monday.  LOL.  But I met some new people and have some potential clients.  I don’t think people realize that I’m booking fast so if they drag their feet, I’m not going to have weekends open.  I’ve got four solid bookings plus I’m gone the first weekend in October and the last weekend in October.  So yeah.

Anywho, my friends were so super duper supportive!  Thank you friends.  I know that so many couldn’t be there today but I received a ton of well wishes on Facebook and via text messaging – even phone calls.  Thank you so much, I love you.  ;)

I will first start this picture post with pictures of myself from the Ruin Cam – I took these last Saturday at 4am when I was editing and deciding what pictures were going to be a part of today’s exhibit.  The very tired and frustrated Ms. Ruin.

Okay - that was fun.  :)

And now...drum roll a few pictures from today's exhibit.  You can find the rest on my FB Page.

Toni helped me set up and made sure all of the frames were perfectly straight.  :)  Thanks, Ton!

I LOVE this picture.  "Jesus is my bud!"

Poster for my display.

16 8x10 prints by Ms. Ruin

My spotlight piece.

Guest Speaker, Saul Garza of FOX 4 News, is in complete awe over my work.  He bought every single piece that was on display.  Okay, he didn't.  He just gave me a hard time - that's what big brothers do, right?  He is definitely my brother from another mother.

Deb:  Wow, she is phenomenal.
John:  Yes, I'm very proud to know her.
Me:  I do what I can.  :p

Oooooh, the girl's got a portfolio!

So there is a look at my exhibit.  I hop you enjoyed the tour.  Oh wait, you want more??!!??  Vell, some people are never satisfied.  Fine, here's von more.  Sorry, I'm stuck on this silly German accent.

Well, that's all the steam I've got.  I'm exhausted.  Off to bed I go.  Keep cool my babies.

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  1. I AM SO THRILLED FOR YOU! And you are so unbelievably gorgeous my friend!