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Sunday, October 17, 2010


What a weekend!  First of all, my knees are black and blue and not for any REALLY good reason.  LOL.  I had to kneel on rocks today to get some shots at my photo shoot with the Hoyt Family.  This was my third shoot with actual human beings and I think it went okay.  It started out a little awkward but 870 plus pictures later we were rockin'!  I have a ton of pics to edit this week --pictures from today's shoot, pictures from the Burlesque Show, pictures from tomorrow night's shoot.  Plus birthday's.  Oh many birthday's this month.  I HAVE to get my brother's gift and my mom's gift in the mail before Friday.  Which means I actually have to make cards and canvases before Friday.  Aye, I've got my work cut out for me.  I cannot wait for my two week vacation.  ::le sigh::

Pictures?  Well, there's a bunch on my own facebook page and on my Facebook visual arts page...but here is a little taste of what I shot today:

The Dark Carnival Bewitching Burlesque Show was SOOOO much fun last night.  I totally want to learn how to dance like that.  However I am not coordinated and I don't want to show my ta-ta's to everyone.  I mean, sure, I like low cut/pin-up style clothing, but ruffled panties and pasties...not happening...for a while.  ;)  Although I do own a lot of ruffled panties.  Tee hee!  

I ended up wearing one of my 20's inspired dresses to the show last night with fishnets and dainty platform shoes - everyone loved the look.  I love fitting in and I look forward to working with that group of performers.  No, I won't be performing - LMAO!  They want me to sell some of my art at their shows.  LOL.  Also, last night was the very first night I wore high definition makeup.  I really, really, really, liked it.  What do you think?

Well, it's eleven so I better get to bed.  I have a crazy week ahead of me.  The boy actually said that I needed to slow down because I've been running around non-stop for days.  Hmmm, I'm flattered that he noticed.  :D  Have a great week and GO RANGERS!

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