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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jewelry Magic!

Alright – it’s time to do some serious blogging!  I have been slacking off.  I know this.  :)  This is post number one in a series.

First and foremost, have you seen the new Magic of Oz line from Graphic 45?  Holy gorgeousness!  I love it.  Thank you to the folks at G45 for making me put some jewelry art together.  I am just starting out with this whole jewelry making stuff.  I don’t want to actually put necklaces together or anything like that.  But I do enjoy the mixed media side of it all.

Here is what I made last night – if you are interested in one or more, you can email me at and we can arrange payment/delivery.  Note:  These are WAY PRETTIER in person.  Just sayin’!  :)

This is Glenda the Good Witch and she can be yours for only $10 plus shipping.  This particular one is sold but I have enough material to make about 15 more of these.

I really dig this one.  It’s a compass with W’s for the Wicked Witch of the West.  Notice the witch legs serve as “arms” on the compass.  That’s pretty cool.  This one can be yours for $10 plus shipping and I have 7 available for sale.

This is my favorite and the one of a kind from the group.  I only have ONE of these and it has sold already for $20.

The following are not Wizard of Oz themed but they are still super cute.  I have plenty available of each and these can be yours for $8 plus shipping.

Hope you liked!

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