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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reorganize and Purge

Mood:  Happy
Music:  Kings of Leon

This past weekend was my only weekend without photo shoots so I had to take advantage of the downtime by, well, reorganizing and purging some of the “stuff” in my studio.  Plus, my husband’s patience was really being affected by all of the clutter and when I say it was being affected, I mean he didn’t have any left.  So it all started with ridding ourselves of the loveseat that was in that room because as he pointed out “I can’t even friggin’ sit without crap falling all around me…”  It was true.  :|  But with that said and done I was able to move the vintage trunk to a more accessible spot –one which also helped the room flow much better.

All the kids ended up together on the trunk –from left to right:  Judith, Professor Mason M. Monkey, Emma, and Winston.  I also have a small collection of Kelly Rae in my room, but nothing extensive like all the stuff in my office.  LOL --I'm addicted!  What can I say, she speaks to my heart.  ::soft smile::

This tall piece of furniture (not as tall as the book shelf) was purchased over the weekend.  I went to the store with the intention of buying the piece of furniture that was on my Christmas List however that one had sold already and this piece provides more overall efficiency in terms of space occupied and storage too.  It’s great for paper however I am using it to house my very favorite wood mounted stamps.  Try getting to my stamps now, Yeller!  Hee hee hee.

Aren’t they lovely?!  My heart skips a

Unfortunately I still have to share my space with the cat's litter box.  :|  But it's okay, because I am surrounded with so much loveliness that I don't even notice it.

More, there is a closet behind this wall that is also all mine.  Ummm, yeah. 

And this is where Ms. Ruin works --THE DESK.  Yes boys and girls, this is where all the magic happens.  ;)

Hope you enjoyed an updated tour of my space!  Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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