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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hey Mr. DJ, put a record on...

A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I love Americana.  And this band has a lot of the essential Bluegrass/Americana elements that make this girl wanna get down with some moonshine.  1. There is a banjo in the band.  2.  They sing about southbound trains.  3.  They’re from Nashville, Tennessee. 

When I play Old Crow Medicine Show for my friends they cringe and laugh at me.  But I love it…it fuels my creativity.  I typically keep these types of bands under wraps as someone very close to me has expressed that he is worried about me because I’m listening to hippie music.  LOL!!!  ::sigh::  Well, you can call me a hippie if you want, but don’t touch my O.C.M.S.

Another artist I have been listening to a lot lately is the late great Jeff Buckley.  I love love love his version of Hallelujah.  It will seriously give you chills.  I love his original work too, but this song does things to me that can’t be expressed with words.  Thank you, Jeff Buckley, for this beautiful rendition of Hallelujah...a bright light that left this Earth too soon.

And last but not least –I have been listening to Glen Hansard.  I am currently in love with Falling Slowly which features Marketa Irglova.  This song is so sweet but so powerful.  If there is one thing I have learned the past few years it’s that we’re never too old to have setbacks.  And unless we’re dead, we have the power to turn things around for the better.  I think this song is a true testament of breaking through when all you have done is faltered…once in a while, life cuts you a break; you just have to be brave and take it!   


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