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Monday, January 23, 2012

Photographic Theory

I was looking at a couple of old pictures that I snatched from my mom’s house and it led me down a rabbit hole concerning my own passion for photographing everything under the sun.  You see, we, The Hernandez Family, don’t have a lot of pictures from our childhood.  My parents didn’t take a lot of photos of us and the few that they did take have weathered tropical storms and hurricanes as my parents live along the Gulf Coast.  Flooding and moisture is “no bueno” on so many things, especially not photographs!  I can’t say that my parents really made an effort to preserve those photographs.  After all they were busy raising five kids and those five kids played baseball, basketball, volleyball, football, sang in choirs, played in bands, sold Girl Scout cookies, and were contestants in pageants.  I am grateful for all of the time they gave to our extracurricular activities.  So what --maybe I don’t have as many pictures as the next person but I do have a lot of wonderful memories.  My job now is to preserve the memories I make in my adult life…whether I’m filling a void or just sharing my life through portraits, I don’t think that I’ll ever put my camera down.  Y     

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