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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Product Review: Blu-Ray High Def Powder by Cargo

Hello!  Here is a quick product review on Cargo’s Blu-Ray High Definition Powder.  I admit, when I brought it home and used it the first time I wasn’t impressed –plus, it retails at $30 and it doesn’t even come with an applicator.  I wasn’t too happy about that.  However, I was told that it’s great for pictures so of course I bought it!

I used it off and on for a couple of months –mostly for special occasions.  I tend to alternate my face makeup between Bare Minerals and Estee Lauder.  However, I ran out of EL and quite frankly, all of the steps involved in using Bare Minerals make it unbearable for a woman on the go.  ;)  Plus, temps this Summer in Dallas are averaging anywhere from 105 to 113 –I’m not joking.  So I have cut out the use of foundation entirely.  Luckily, I can get away with that on most days because I have good skin.   

I’m excited about this product NOW because I have been using it without any type of foundation and wow – I really do look high def!  I was browsing through some of my pictures from recent days and I can really tell the difference.  See above, this picture was not touched up and look at how smooth the powder appears.  It really is silky and although it doesn’t provide full coverage like a double wear powder would, in pictures it mimics full coverage without revealing all of the details.  I am really blown away.

Sooooo, Blu-Ray and I had a rough start but I think he has really redeemed himself.  Thanks to the folks at Cargo for this product…now if only they offered more than three colors!


  1. Which color (name & number if u can) do u use in Cargo's blu ray powder? I'm a very fair yellow/olive tone as urself, actually ur color seems identical to mine n it is hella difficult to get foundation & power matches. I'm going today to ulta to pick one up but I'm torn on the 10 light or 20 beige. If u can reply asap that would b sooo appreciated as I have to go today to grab it. Thanks!

  2. Hi there - I wanna say I was using the 20...I don't recall because I ran out and didn't replace it. Eeeek...I'm sorry. Try them both on your hand. Good luck!