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Sunday, February 5, 2012


I enjoy antiquing --my interests include old medicine bottles, dolls, vintage family photos/postmortem photos and miniature tokens that I can use in my art.  Well, I had the day to myself yesterday so I went out shooting and when I was done I stopped in at Lulu B's in Deep Ellum.  They have some of the coolest retro stuff ever.  I made several purchases but the most notable is this baby right here.

This is an old Kodak which was in production between 1915 and 1926 so it is AT LEAST 86 years old.  That's so awesome!  I have it on display in my studio.  ::geeky smile::

I also found these wooden checker pieces in a mason jar.  I paid $16 for them and was told by my friend Karen that they sell for as much as $40 on ebay.  Nice!  I love the way they look just sitting there in the jar but I will likely use them in my altered art.  ::more geekiness::

Aren't they beautiful!!!  ::rhetorical::

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