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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Armed & Dangerous

Paper beware!  Well, it's 12:50am on what is now Sunday and I am WIDE awake.  I've been drinking energy waters all day and I just switched over to the hard core stuff --a shot of five hour energy.  It's finally here, crunch time has arrived and my time to accomplish so much is running short.  Tick, tick, tick...I can hear the clock pounding in my skull.  Arg!  Just needed a break from cutting paper, yanno!

<-----THIS WOMAN IS NUMB TO SLEEP AND TIREDNESS.  I don't feel anything?  Or maybe I've exhausted myself and don't know that I'm tired?  Oh my, now I'm delusional.  HAHAHAHA.  Ehhh, like my mom says "I'll sleep when I'm dead!"  So long as I get a few hours of rest before my 2pm photo shoot then it's all good.  I think.

Well, back to it!

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