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Sunday, February 12, 2012


What a stressful weekend!!!!! My laptop crashed yesterday morning causing an entire weekend of immense stress and MDH had to cancel his camping trip because I was a mess and a half. That machine is the backside to so much of what I do. I think we are in the home stretch now as he is reinstalling Windows and Lord knows what else. I am beyond thankful for his expertise and for the very sweet gesture of buying me an iPad! I first bought it for myself and then he insisted that he reimburse me for it because I didn't know this but he had already picked one out for me to surprise me! How incredibly sweet is he????

I did manage to get some things done --I have a ton of design team assignments to complete and I made some jewelry pieces too. I hope to be up and running soon otherwise I don't know what I am going todo with myself and I might be committed by MDH and my friends! WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!

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