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Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Make-n-Take Madness

I survived the March Make-n-Take Madness of 2012 and I've got the shirt to prove it.  Well, maybe I don't have a shirt to prove it.  But anyway, to describe the event in one word --it was AWESOME!  We had a packed house and even had a line waiting outside before the doors opened.  Now that's hardcore scrap love! 

I had such a wonderful time meeting a bunch of new crafy friends and teaching them new and fun techniques.  I even learned a few things from them...which is always a plus.  I was humbled that so many followed my work online already and were looking forward to sitting at my table.  It made me feel really proud of doing what I do.  What can I say...the teachers and designers present were amazing, the staff at the store worked their tails off but most importantly everyone had a wonderful time.  Here are some pictures from the event.  :)

This is me the morning of the event --not bad for 3.5 hours of sleep.  Too much anticipation to sleep!  Check out my necklace --it says "I shoot people for a living."  LOL!  It was a gift from Shelley who is on the Maya Road Design Team.  Thanks, Shelley!! 

Store Owner, Carolyn...she's off her rocker funny!  Almost as funny as I am.  :p

Wanna play?

These lovely ladies were in my first group...I love that every single canvas looked so different!

We had a very special guest --Lisa Pace!  She had a trunk show going on while the rest of us did our Make-n-Take's.  She's a sweetheart!

This is the project that I taught.  I had a lot of awesome feedback and people just loved making this.  My favorite part was watching some of the ladies stare at their project and say things like "Wow, I made this."  Just awesome!

This is my table --look at everyone creating their little canvases.  So much fun!

If you would like to see more pictures, visit my artist facebook page here.

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