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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I had such an amazing weekend and managed to do a little bit of all of the things that I love.  Well, most of the things that I love.  I didn't exactly pick up my camera like I intended but that's okay --lots of those opportunities will be coming up as my schedule starts to open up a bit in June.  There was just one thing that drove me crazy this weekend --ALLERGIES.  I am having such a hard time breathing today.  I really don't want to break out the Afrin but I think I'm going to have to break down any second now.  :|

Anyway, as I mentioned I made a few things this weekend.  I did make a few pieces of jewelry but I didn't get to photograph them all...will have to do those at a later time.  I wanted primarily to highlight this piece right here...

^^^I found this pendant on clearance at Michael's for a $1.99 --it had some funky epoxy sticker that was peeling off but those are just minor details when you are used to tearing things down and then using scraps.  The girl at the register said "are you sure you want this?"  LOL.  So I took it home, peeled the epoxy off and then found my own image to put in the pendant tray.  I then covered the image with glaze and let it sit over night.  I was able to wear it to dinner on Saturday night and got a ton of compliments.  :)  In fact, I bought two of these, so I will definitely make some profit from selling the second piece of jewelry.  Oh, and it really is a significant size.  About 1.5" x 3". 

^^^A few posts ago I talked about how I poured Diamond Glaze in bottle caps.  Remember that?  They turned out beautifully!  Don't you think?  These will be pendants on a ball chains --will either gift them or sell them in my shop.

^^^I also made two more decorative coin purses.  Again, very NOT ME.  But they are not for me.  Someone asked me to make them as Mother's Day gifts.  I think they are truly perfect for a mom.  Plus, they are filled with MY garden photography!  Pretty cool if you ask me.  :)

^^^I acquired some new playthings in the past few days.  First of all I wanted to show everyone my beautiful canvas by Lia Lane.  Lia is such an amazing artist and I am so excited to own one of her original pieces of work.  This one is called Delicate and is on display in studio.

^^^I also bought some new stamps beacause let's face it --I'm not Ms. Ruin without stamps.  :p  Well, maybe I am...but that's not the point.  These are VERY VERY VERY me.  Don't you agree!?  The self-healing mat is new too.  It's 18" in PINK.  I'm trying to expand my horizons a little.  And maybe they didn't have these in black.  :p

Well, I will wrap this up for now...I have work as in at my real job to do (on a Sunday...Boo!) and then it's back to editing pictures.  I'm in the home stretch on this set and then I'm all caught up!  I'm only working THREE WHOLE DAYS this week and then I'm off to National Scrapbooking Weekend Retreat --4 days of creating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will leave you with this picture of one of my sweethearts.  Yeller Trouser is the most loving Lab I have ever owned...I've had about four now.  People can't believe that she's only 9 months old because she is so sweet and well behaved.  Plus, she is an awesome subject for me in my photography.  Have a great week!!!!!

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