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Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Playthings

I can't just walk into The Crafty Scrapper and not buy anything!  So I picked up a few new little playthings.  My first purchase is this set of Ver-Day Paint and Patina.  A new friend, Trisha, is the go-to-lady for working with this paint. I did very little with it but what I did was enough to make me go all out with this purchase. So what do you do with this? Trisha made the beautiful flower pictured above using metal and the patina (yanno, the one with my name in the center --thanks Trisha!).  It gives your projects an aged blue-green look.  It reminds me of old headstones.  So I will have a learning curve but I'm glad that Trisha is just an e-mail away.  Here are some of the things that she altered using the paints and patina.


When it comes to rubber stamps --it's usually love at first sight!  They make me so weak.  So yes, I did fall in love with these stamps the moment I saw them.  These stamps are not mounted on wood, they are mounted on foam! They are by LaBlanche out of Neunkirchen, Germany. They require minial pressure and are extremely heat resistant --as in you can apply heat directly onto the rubber.  You wouldn't dare use heat on rubber stamps, would you?  Well YOU CAN use heat on these!  Can't wait to try that.  ::big smile::

I know, I'm a nerd about these things.  I'm sitting here typing away feeling all giddy inside and smiling like a fool.  LOL --at least I can laugh at myself.  :p

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