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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ver-Day Everyday!

I have recently started playing with Ver-Day Patina and reactive acrylic paints.  These paints have metal particles in them that react to the patina and make your projects look amazing!  I won't educate any further because the girls at Ten Sceonds Studio are complete experts at this and you can see their online video tutorial by clicking here.

I didn't exactly follow the rules on these projects --I became a little impatient and helped the drying process by using a heat gun, I also used a sponge brush which according to the video is a no-no.  Plus I went all crazy and used ALL of the paints on one project.  HAHAHA.  But these are just my first two projects so cut me some slack.

Project Number I:  Wall Art
I bought this piece of wall art at Jo-Ann's for 50% off.  Score!  But that green color is just not flying with Ms. Ruin.  Now I should have primed this first but I didn't --but it still worked out.  Hey, I don't always follow the rules and I still get favorable results.  Think outside the box, color outside the lines, LIVE A LITTLE!  ::composes herself::  ::cough::  Okay, now that I got that out of my is the wall art BEFORE the reactive paints and patina:

And here is the wall art AFTER the reactive paints and patina: 

(click images to view larger)

Now that is craftastic!     

Project Number II:  Plant Thingie
This is a plant thingie - plant holder - guy in a robe standing next to a pot thing.  Oh Lord, I am terrible at this.  You get the point!  This was completely WHITE.  I don't have a before picture --bummer.  But I'm talking stark white, no trace of a tan, would scare away women at the beach.  Yeah, that pastey white.  Anyway, now that I have painted and patinaed (I made that word up) him, he is a dapper little fella and the chicks (in my office at least) cannot get enough of him.  Keep your hands out of my pot! 

Funny thing about the word Patinaed --yanno, the word that I made up...anyway, if you scramble the letters around you can spell the word painted.  ::nerdy laugh::

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