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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I just want back in your head...

I feel like I’m dating my gay friend, Frank.  He requires all this attention that I have to send him text messages wishing him a great day and telling him that I love him.  And just now I asked him to go to lunch next week.  Man, this is hard work!  LOL.  

But this all ties back to part of my resolution for the new year –to be more thoughtful of my loved ones.  I tend to forget birthdays and anniversaries and whatnot and I really need to be better about that.  And also, I send a lot of thank you cards to people, but I really need to make an effort to make them little handmade gifts.  I have so much stuff at home that I really do need to get busy and share my art with the people I love. 

So first up – I posted a challenge on Facebook which I took from my bestie, Marion.  The challenge was to make handmade gifts for the first five people that responded.  Only four responded, but I will be making them all a little something.  My first recipient is one of my favorite online friends, Genie – aka as pookahbot to those of you on the LJ circuit.  So Ms. Genie gets a mini canvas and this is what it looks like:

As you know, birds are my favorite so I try my very hardest to use birds in most of my projects.  And I just love the way this little guy turned out.  Crackle paint is by Ranger (don’t get me started – they are on my hate-list right now), then I dabbed black soot distress ink over it.  Isn’t he beautiful?  He’s all yours, Genie.  Take good care of the little guy.  :)

I want to make everyone mini canvases but here’s the problem – I haven’t been able to find them in my local Michael’s stores which is normally where I buy them.  I may need to look online if they don’t get any in sometime soon.

I am brainstorming on a project for a new friend.  This person is older than I am and I don’t know all of her likes and dislikes but she left the sweetest note for me.  Probably one of the most touching notes I have received in a while.  It said that my friendship was one of the most special things that happened to her last year.  ::tears::  You don’t understand, I’m really crying.  That is incredibly moving to me –that my friendship could touch someone like that.  So her birthday is the end of January – the 31st to be exact.  So I really need to think hard about her gift.  Maybe canvas – or maybe even a collage of the photographs that I took last year.  She is a huge supporter of my photography and has even displayed three of my pieces in the office.  They are hanging in the hallway and it’s funny to hear people ask where the photos came from because they think that they were purchased.  But nope, they are mine.  Makes me feel good.

Anyway – I worked pretty late last night so my goal is to be out of the office today by 5:30ish and get in some playtime in the studio.  I can’t wait!!!  It’s such an awesome feeling to have my creative drive back.  Thank you, Lord!

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