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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let's Play!!!!

Through These Eyes is currently looking for one or two beauties that would like to model pinup style clothing or other cute/edgy clothing in the first ever “Shoot to Thrill” photo shoot.
Hopefully I will have some people come forward and hopefully they will be what I am looking for.  How crazy, it's almost like having a casting call.  I already declined one person.  I hate doing that but yes, this is my portfolio and it's free and I'm going to be particular about who I'm shooting this go round. 
Of course I love to shoot myself.  I'm not feeling very pretty these days so when I can capture some nice shots, I like to play with them.  Kind of like dressing up a doll. 

I like this one - but I look entirely too thin.  Must be my facial expression.  It is very slimming.  You know I have big cheeks --a lot of ground to cover.  :D

Time for bed.
Peace, Love, and Happy New Year!

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  1. hahah That picture is fantastic! You look like a kid! :p