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Monday, January 17, 2011

Maya Road CHA Challenge Projects

Well, I’m officially exhausted from staying up late last night working on my Maya Road CHA Challenges.  But as I mentioned in my previous post, I did get them done.  Want to see????  Of course you do!

First up is this 8x10 canvas.  It is SO NOT ME!  But I’m sure there is a girly girl out there that would love this canvas.  Maya products include:  all flowers, buttons, dress form, letters, leafy pins and ribbon.  There was a whole lotta distressing going on including some stamping and let’s face it…I’m addicted to crackle paint.  Although I am very upset with Ranger Industries for their sometimes dried up bottles, I just can’t stay away.  It’s like crack – like crack I tell you!  The page in the background is from an old book – I think it was a literature book from the 1920’s.  So here it is – It’s a wonderful life.  Yes, I know I need to go home and add an apostrophe to this.  Will do!

This is a close up of the flowers.  Look at all that beautiful crackle!
The most unique thing here…and I don’t mean to toot my own horn – but I’m about to start a trend with incorporating the tins into projects that buttons and embellishments are sold in.  This is the lid off of one of the tins…it just adds a little flair to the grouping, don’t you think?  I’m pretty sure people will start using these after seeing my project.

The next project is again – a tin!  This time I did something that again, has not yet been done.  I converted the tin into a necklace!  The bird and the bird cage are by Maya Road.  I dabbed the cage in gold paint and I misted the bird in Maya brown and then used the Maya opalescent mist over it.  Once it dried I used Maya Rub-ons to add a little design to the birdie.  Clever, huh?

And the last project I made was this miniature canvas.  I believe it’s 3”x3”.  It’s really tiny!  The tree, the owl, and the stamped sentiment are by Maya Road.  I covered the tree top in patterned paper and then misted the tree trunk in brown.  I then outlined both with a black pen.  The crown is also by Maya Road – misted in gold.

And here is a close-up of this cute little fella…

Hope you enjoyed my projects!

On the visual arts front - well, I went to a friends wedding this weekend.  I wasn't the official photographer but I did capture some nice little memories for them.  Or as I like to refer to them - "stolen moments".

In this picture the groom is watching his bride walk towards the barn.  Yes, they got married in a barn...but it was a really cute barn!

I do...forever and ever, I do.  ::cried::

I hope you dance...

The happy couple...

Some gorgeous guests.  HAHA...

Have a fantastic week...because I said so!!!

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