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Monday, January 17, 2011


It's 1:11am and no one is awake and I just have to get this out...I COMPLETED THREE CHALLENGE PROJECTS TONIGHT!!!!

Maya Road is hosting a challenge right now - submit work using their products and they will choose a handful of projects to take to CHA.  Of course I realized at 11:00 that the deadline was tomorrow.  Slacker.  So Dee Dee (my creative friend) and Caroline (owner of Maya Road) encouraged me to participate. 

I made one miniature canvas, one 8x10, and a button tin necklace.  ::sigh::  Yay! 

My friend Tracey always hounded me about entering challenges but I've never really had the drive.  Hmmmm - time to step it up my friends!

NEXT CHALLENGE!  Okay, okay, my next challenge is trying to sleep when I'm so wired up. of the projects tomorrow. 


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