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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Visual Art

Here is the latest and greatest from my world of visual art...

I posted this on my own facebook page and asked my friends to guess what they were.  For some crazy reason, several of them said "septic tanks".  Ummmm, no.  These are actually burial vaults.  When a body is buried in the ground, their coffin is placed inside of this vault and then sealed.

I love this one!  I forget who it is...Saint Paul?  It was erected at a local cemetery where a lot of nuns are buried.  I think it's beautiful.

And since you've seen a lot of gloom and doom on my page - hahahaha - I will leave you with a happy sunshiny picture.  Hey, they don't call me Ms. Ruin for nothing!  :)

Peace, Love, and Bluebonnets,

Ms. Ruin

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