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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dear Jesus,

I don't normally share these types of things on my craft blog, but this little boy is weighing heavily on my brain.  This is Anthony, my five year old nephew.  He is the most hyper little boy ever!  He has so much life in him and so much love to give.  And although so many of us love and adore him, there is a crucial someone in his life that has been absent for more than half of his life --his father.  His father has made poor decisions and I think the shame he carries has kept him from even attempting to be a father to little Anthony.  But if only he knew what we all know about this little boy...that he loves his dad unconditionally.  I write this with so much heartache and anger too.  I am heartbroken that this little boy walked into the Cathedral, ran to the altar and fell to his knees in prayer....that he was asking Jesus to bring his father back.  And I am angered, that his father has chosen to be a deadbeat --letting his pride get in the way of knowing the truest love he will EVER know.  What a shame.  What a shame.  :*****(

I prayed too on this day...prayed for so many things, but mostly for this little boy that has captivated my heart and soul.  I hope that he always know that we love him a million times over. 

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