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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nacogdoches: Historical Hotel Fredonia

I spent a few day in Nacogdoches last weekend...a late birthday trip.  I did do some research before going but probably not enough.  Although I did get to see the place that I was most excited to see and that was Historical Oak Grove Cemetery where several signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence are buried.  And the best part --I got to visit on the 176 anniversary of my great State!  I also visited a couple of other historical locations, did some antique shopping, a little barhopping, and my favorite part - I photographed a lot of random things.  Over the next few blog entries we will make stops at Oak Grove Cemetery, Old University Building, Downtown and places in and around Nacogdoches.  But for now our first stop takes us to the corner of Hospital and Fredonia Streets where you will find the Historical Hotel Fredonia. 

Hotel Fredonia opened its doors in the Oldest Town in Texas in 1955.  Let me tell you, walking into this place is like stepping back in time.  I loved it!  I wanted to walk around with platform shoes, pin-up style dresses and a rose in my hair the entire time.  But I only did that one night.  :)  The hotel is not much on the outside but offers vintage charm on the inside.  Most of my photos are from the room we stayed in, but I think I still managed to capture the spirit of the Fredonia!

A view of the oldest town in Texas from my window.

Shampoo bottles never looked so beautiful!

I love that their logo was on everything.

I'm not sure why, but I was compelled to photograph the hangers in the closet.

I love that the window sill is so old - the finish is crackled as I'm sure it has received layers and layers of paint throughout the years.

The hotel was filled with ornate fixtures like this one in the elevator.

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  1. Thanks for the great depiction of the Hotel Fredonia. They are celebrating several special dates over the next few months, including the 60th anniversary of the naming of the project.