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Friday, March 23, 2012

Under the Big Top

I love American/Vintage/Circus type stuff so I was excited to find these little gems at my local Michael's. I had to limit myself on my purhcases but this is a snapshot of some of the cool stuff I bought.  I write a lot of thank you cards for the most random things.  So I can never haven too many notecards!  And the stamps...well, I'm a stamp freak!  But circus themed stamps --yes, please!  I also bought some cool notebooks (I also go through those pretty quickly), some lunch sacks and some props for a photo booth I'm hosting at our annual Community Care Network Auction.

Intention.  Such a funny little word.  A woman like me who is always busy has a lot of intentions but I just don't have the time to accomplish them.  So I am working on a stock pile of photos that I want to re-edit or revisit.  Here are two of those pictures from my trip to Boston in 2010 and my trip to Maine in 2011.

Waiting for the "T" --that's what they call their rapid transit.
Boston, MA

Cape Elizabeth Lights – West Tower.
Cape Elizabeth, ME.

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