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Sunday, March 18, 2012

My favorite little lovies!

I has really special company on Thursday and Friday when my brother and his family visited and he also brought my sister's son so that meant I had all of my favorite little lovies under one roof.  I am beyond blessed.  So I have 2 nephews and one niece --and in my opinion, they are the bees knees.  Here are a few of my favorite snapshots from the short time I spent with them this week.

This is Anthony, he is five years old and has energy that cannot be matched.

Anthony watching Power Rangers.  Just look at those cheeks!

This is Vanessa --she came into my life when she was six years old.  She is now 20 and starting her junior year in college.  I'm so very proud of her.  ::big smile::

Here they are --all three of them!  Joseph is on the far right, he is Vanessa's little brother.  He is wicked smart and keeps me on my toes!  I took this picture at the Sky Lobby in the Chase Building in Downtown Dallas.

A view of Dallas and beyond from the Sky Lobby - 40 stories high!

I was so excited that all three kids wanted to have arts and crafts time with Tia.  Tia is Spanish for Aunt.  They loved making cards with me!

Vanessa was very proud of her cards and kept saying "this is so cool!"

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