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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And this why I must return to work

I really need to get back to work.  I have resorted to doing things like baking.  Me?  Baking?  People enjoy doing that?  LOL.  I guess it was kind of fun although I wish we had baked something I would have actually eaten.  I'm the only baker that would never gain a pound because I'm not much for sweets.  But anyway...a friend and I decided that we were going to have a baking night for the holidays.  She had her heart set on making snowmen and I --well, I just wanted to decorate because I thought I was going to be awesome at it.  I wasn't.  I still think if I had the right tools I could have really succeeded however we are both amateurs so yeah.  These were some of my snowmen...
This was from our first batch.  Against my hesitation we used frosting as the icing...GROSS.  Plus these snowmen were too fat.  I wanted to just throw these in the garbage but my friend insisted that we keep them.  She even proceeded to give one to the neighbor as I stood in the kitchen nodding my head and saying..."don't, don't eat that."  Talk about diabetic shock!  In fact, my friend Sam works overnight as a photographer for CBS News and he was our test subject.  He said they were "good".  Liar!  I asked him to take the tray with him to work.  His response was "Are you kidding?!"  I knew it was time to change the icing recipe and take some lbs off our little guys.
So here they are with royal icing.  Much better!  Awwwe, he's so sad.  :(
This guy is a playa for sure!
This guy is from our first batch and clearly, he listens to Slayer.  Look at how evil he looks!
Something to be proud of!  These babies were my idea and they started out just plain ol' sugar cookies until I added my secret ingridient and now we had pink peppermint stick sugar cookies.  THEBOMB.COM.  We could sell these for sure!  The cookie dough alone was delicious.  So I packaged a bunch of these up for my friends.  They are going to be so blown away that I actually made these.  LOL. 
Anyway...will this girl bake again?  You just never know!  Stay tuned...
Peace, love, and baking!

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