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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Matchbook Swap

Hello out there!  I'm still alive...I know my posts have been few and far between.  I was having a dry spell on the paper front as my photography has been keeping me busy.  So I committed to a few swaps in the month of July to keep me moving.  The first swap I participated in was the Matchbook Swap at Smeared & Smudged.  I had never made a matchbook so it was a little stressful but so much fun and I do really love the way they turned out.  And not only did I committ to making one, but I committed to making TWO!  I will also receive two matchbooks to add to my own collection.  In fact, I came home today from a retreat to find a package from Greece (see above)!  A big huge thank you to Ike for the lovely postcard and one helluva matchbook.  It's completely wicked and I love it!  THANKS, IKE!

{sorry for the crappy picture}
And now onto the matchbooks I made.  They are both Halloween themed, I hope you don't mind.  This first one is for Tori.  I hope you like it, Tori --it will be in the mail to you tomorrow!

I left space in the book for little pictures and I am also sending additional Halloween themed word stickers so that you can use them over your photos or wherever you'd like.


This next one is for Trisha.  And this one is not just Halloween, but it's vintage too!  There's no room for pictures but it's a fun little book to look through.

/end Matchbook Swap.  :)  Thank you to Black Dragon for organizing this swap --it was so much fun!


  1. OH YAY! It's awesome and I already love it! You do such wonderful things and I'm so glad you found us at S&S! Look forward to seeing my matchbook in person!


  2. Oh, superb Matchbooks Ms Ruin - they are awesome and I am glad you liked the one I made for you :-D xxxxxx