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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family Matters

As I mentioned earlier, I was away on a retreat with some friends this weekend so I managed to get a lot accomplished.  I completed three projects for family and about family.  First of all --the Circus is coming to town and how I wish I could take my niece and nephews with me when I'm sitting front row at American Airlines cheering like a fool.  LOL.  But in the spirit of the Circus --oh, and not just any circus...I'm talking Barnum and Bailey, baby...anyway, in the spirit of the Circus or Le Cirque, I am sending both my nephews and my niece some fun and flavored popcorn that is adorned with a circus themed tag.  Something tells me they are going to care more about the popcorn.  :p
I also made a 5x7 book FOR ME.  Yes, FOR ME.  You see, I rarely keep things I make but gosh darnit, I'm going to keep this one for myself.  This book is filled with beautiful 5x7 portraits of my family from start to end.  The only embellishing I did was to the cover.  I covered it with 7G tissue paper and made one of my famous clusters using flowers and elements from Maya Road, Prima, and Recollections.  I am so pleased with how this turned out. 

The other project that I made is a 5x7 album as well but this one is about my nephew playing T-Ball.  Again, not much embellishing and the paper that I did use was from a cheesey kit.  But that's's not the paper or the embellishments that made this book and told the was the pictures inside.

Thanks for reading!

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