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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oh no you didn't...

Pawlease...of course I did!  No, she wasn't excited about this by any means, but she was still a good girl through the mini shoot.  You see, I just got this backdrop and I HAD to try it out.  I didn't use any studio lights, just natural light.  Moving forward I plan on using studio lamps.  I'm gearing up to do two full days of shoots using this background in August.  I've already got the space booked now it's time to get props, floor drops, schedules, models, etc. in place.  It's a huge undertaking for me since I work at this stuff alone but I eventually buck up and force my insecurities aside and just do what I need to do.  Lately I feel like all of my stress is sitting in the pit of my stomach as I have not been feeling well.  But hopefully that will soon pass.  Some friends are convinced I am giving myself an ulcer.  Possibly. 

Anyway, most of my creative energy has been spent on my photography.  I WANT to do so much, I just don't have the free time.  I want to take a photography class, a lightroom class, a lighting class, a painting class, a soldering class, etc.  But again, no t-i-m-e.  But I have committed myself to a few craft swaps so I should be back to my first love of mixed media soon enough.  For now though --I have to keep the shutter going with my photography committments.  At this moment I am editing two boudoir sets, a book cover, and a wedding!  Just shot the wedding yesterday...yes, I cried.  To see more photos from recent shoots, visit my Facebook Photography Page or my official website, Through These Eyes Visual Art.  :)

Talk to you guys soon...thanks for reading! 


Ms. Ruin 

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