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Sunday, August 22, 2010

My BIG Announcement

Friday, September 17, 2010
Mi Gente Photo Exhibit by Ms. Ruin
Martin Luther King Center
Dallas, Texas

::HUGE SMILE:: Yes, I am having a photo exhibit on this day and I'm sooooooo thrilled! At this time, the exhibit will be featured for one day however there is a possibility that it will be extended. My friends and family are so excited for me. And me, well, I'm completely ecstatic that I was sought out and given this opportunity. I never expected that my hobby would take off like this. Last week alone I was approached by 5 different people about doing photos for them. ::sigh:: Unfortunately my schedule is jam packed through mid September. But I hope to get some sessions in here and there.

So I’ve got a few weeks to develop my exhibit and I’m taking a four day trip over Labor Day Weekend to take some photos for this exhibit. But shhhhh…it’s a big secret! I mean, not so much where I’m going, but what I’m photographing. So I’m completely stoked about that!

Then in October there is a Burlesque Festival and I have been asked by one of the organizers to sell my altered art/canvases at that festival. So I’m trying to get some art work done before that time to really make it worth my while.

So yes, I’m busy, busy, busy – however, I don’t ever want my creativity to become a task. I don’t want to lose the passion because otherwise it just becomes a job.

Anywho – Sevendust tonight! I’m out.

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