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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Burlesque Baby

I've been hard at work today making goodies for Saturday night's event.  I'm feeling a bit more confident.  Plus, I showed Jericho St. Etienne (show promoter and performer) and he said "people are going to fall in love with you and your wares."  So that made me feel really good. I am so very excited to be invited to this event and to be surrounded by so many other visual artists, performers, dancers, and crafters.  I love creative people and I thrive in that type of environment.

I know, I know - shut up and give you a tease, right?

This is one of the tags that I mass produced today...okay, I made three!  However, as I was being called away to dinner I noticed that I had forgotten the "s" in burlesque.  DOH!  Jeremy said I was going to have to start all over again.  Me:  "Whaaaaat???  Ummm, I'm a crafter, I can cover up just about any mistake."  And so I did...the next time it will look nicer and crisper, but yeah, had to cover up the boo boo.  Anywho --here is my little tribute to the Golden Age of Burlesque...

Soooo, I have the rest of the week to create, create, create!  Then I have a photo shoot on Saturday and the burlesque show on Saturday night.  On Sunday I will not be getting out of bed.  :p  I'm kiddddddding!

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