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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Art Journal by Dyan Reaveley

I had the pleasure of taking an art journal class with Ranger instructor Dyan Reveley.  This class was definitely a little bit out of my realm.  We worked with her signature sprays and stencils which really isn't my thing, but I did enjoy it and I'm glad that I participated in the class as much as I possibly could.  Unfortunately I was taken down by allergies and had to quit almost halfway through the class.  Boo!  But I brought the project home and I did buy several of the sprays so I will definitely finish the journal in my own time.  I will leave you with these images from Friday's class, you can find more on my facebook art page... 

Dyan's flips trhough her art journal.

My friend Lisa's workspace.

Store Owner, Carolyn, chats with Dyan.

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