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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kelly Rae and more

I love, love, love that I have a creative outlet --and I don't just mean the ability to create my own art or snap cool pictures...but I have this world that I can escape too...a world with other creative people.  You know, creative people speak their own language, I'm convinced of it!  And I don't say that to be snobby --I'm not one of "those" artists, but it's true...we speak a beautiful language through our work.  We make people feel different emotions and even empower people.  I am very much honored to have had others tell me that I my art has moved them or empowered them to be more expressive about their own feelings.  I too have an artist who moves me the same way and she moves me like NO OTHER artist does.  Her name is Kelly Rae Roberts and I am guilty of owning a lot of of Kelly Rae canvases and other little muses.  This weekend I spent a day with one of my creative gal-pals, Deb.  We did an all day at The Crafty Scrapper and had lunch at the Dove's Nest.  While there I decided to pick up a few Kelly Rae items for my studio.  :D  These are some of the first KR items because I keep most of my Kelly Rae collection at work.  But it's time I bring her inspiration into my home.  It's overdue!

First and foremost is this piece right here.  It is an 18"x32" canvas.  I HAD to have says "Dreamer" and well, that's a very special nickname for me.  :D


This is another canvas that I also decided to keep in studio.  This is an 8"x12" "Fearless" canvas.

And I couldn't pass up the "Fearless" journal!  How else am I going to write about all of the fears I am overcoming in my life?  ::BIG SMILE::

I also bought two Big Girlie is for me...

(don't just dream big --DREAM BIGGER!)

And the other one is for my mom.  :D

While at the Dove's Nest I also came across this notebook that just happened to say "Dreamer" --uhhhh, hello, clearly I had to have it!

And just for Marion --this is just a preview of the inside.  There's different pages inside.  :)

Hope you enjoyed all of my new playthings! 

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