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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!  It's really starting to feel a lot like Christmas, isn't it?  This year I decided to scale back my gift giving.  I typically go all out but I'm going to be frank, I was kind of being a Scrooge the first few weeks of December.  Could it be that we have had unseasonably warm temperatures and I have to work every day but Christmas which means I'm not going home to see my folks?  I'm sure all of those had something to do with my mood.  But you know what --the day is approaching and I can either be sad or I can enjoy it with close friends here in Dallas, exchange a few gifts, and reflect on the birth of our Savior.  I go with the latter. 
I spoiled myself a little this Christmas and bought myself a Christmas/Early Birthday present. So what did I buy?????
A Nikon J1 in REDDDDD!  How sexy is she?  This baby is not a point and shoot but it's also not a DSLR.  It's somewhere in between and actually functions as a mirrorless camera.  I'm still learning how to operate it.  Heck, I'm still learning how to use my D90!  I'm not as technical as I'd like to be and my fellow photographers pick on me about this but I just let my heart guide me in the photographic process.   
Here are a few shots of a very dapper gentleman.  Isn't he cute?  What can I say, I think beards are sexy.
I finally found someone to sit in my little big chair!

I had to help him...he was stuck after putting just one leg up on the chair.  Mmmm hmmmm, I think someone needs a few sessions my trainer!

Awwwwe --too cute!  Don't worry, Santa...sometimes I sit in chairs and my feet don't touch the ground either.  :(

Ho, ho, ho!  Merry Christmas!
Peace, love, and vintage bearded men.

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