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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Heavy post ahead...

The prints for The No Tie Dinner and Auction have been picked up.  YAY!  I’m super excited about that.  ::BIG HUGE SMILE::  I ended up reediting the butterfly image.  I also received permission from poet Deborah Chaskin to use her quote.  I can’t get over how beautiful this print turned out.

I also donated this third print.  I took this photo at the Dallas Arboretum last week. 
So several people have asked me what I’m wearing to the auction.  I’m thinking this dress and these heels.  Thoughts?  Oh, and maybe a big red flower in my hair and red lipstick?  We artists aren’t afraid of red lipstick! 

I also got some photography in last week.  You know me, I love black birds.  :D  To see more of my photography, visit and join my photography page on Facebook: 

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