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"The imagination imitates. It is the critical spirit that creates." -Oscar Wilde

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More layouts

So - I got a few more things done for the Crafty Scrapper last night.  I'm not crazy about the second layout...really, really, really don't like it.  But again, I was just trying to use what they supplied.  The first layout however is so friggin' adorable!  Probably my favorite out of all of them.  :)

I also made a card for them with this really cute paper by My Mind's Eye.  Isn't it cute?

Here is a side-view so that you can see the dimension in the clouds and the buildings.

I just hope that the gals at TCS will like the projects I made for them.  :)


  1. So glad your sister's surgery went well!

  2. Thanks so much hun! By the way...I forgot to give you your birthday card and your birthday chocolate! Durrrr.

  3. It's all good. I'll be back in town in a few days. :]